(A witness is presence in the absence of judgment. A witness is a representative with a responsibility to narrate that which has been witnessed.)

the camera eye (aka Witness) is a propositional object engineered with anthropomorphic capacity combining objective concepts of visual function common to anatomy, with social and subjective narratives associated with looking, seeing, watching, perceiving, intuiting, being vulnerable, exercising vigilance and bearing witness.

Witness is a lifelong muse. Conceived in early childhood and brought into being over 11 years of reproduction in embodied dialogue with the child that I was, Witness is among my very first artistic visions. The artwork is conceptualized as an autonomous left eye in the company of its limbic reservoir, uncoupled from the body context and partner eye. the camera eye is imagined to perform gaze according to its own shy logic –seek eye contact, shift, wander and ignore, self-lubricate, cry and cast emotion.

© nichola feldman-kiss 2021