I am is an aphorism and short poem made up of a single calligraphic capital letter-form “I” and two primary print letter-forms that read “am". I am is a symbol of freedom and protection, a marker of place and of personal and collective direction.

Is in English language syntax is a state of being verb. State of being verbs do not express any specific activity or action but instead describe existence. To be is the most common state of being verb. I am is first person, singular, present, continuous and active. By way of a sentence fragment, I am awaits completion. I am here. I am home. I am alive. I am free. I am.

I am ascends skyward while grounded in place and attached to the earth. I am is an expression of personal and collective identity. Designed with two font sets, the artwork proposes alternative interpretations. I am is a personal meditation intended to center the self within the living expressive body while I am is a declaration, an affirmation and an offering. I am asserts personhood and individuality among the diversity of the collective, community We.

© nichola feldman-kiss 2021