childish objects (1966-) \ 42 February skies 2009

Performance document – indefinite HD video loop, digital animation

Inspired by the Hindu Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, a healing chant for those approaching death, 42 February skies is an indefinite video loop of animated digital sky. The artwork is a meditation and invocation of the all-seeing, intuitive and prophetic third eye. The third eye is at once mystical and visceral –a conceptual gateway to inner states of high consciousness and enlightenment. The third eye, associated with intuition, clairvoyant precognition and remote viewing, is said to be collocated with the pineal gland finding its window through the centre brow, muscle of trouble, that knits in worry. 42 February skies is a meditation intended to smooth the brow –motivate pause, ground and inner peace in times of fear and indecision, to restore the third eye’s faculty for clarity, receptivity and insight.

© nichola feldman-kiss 2021