from the reliquarium database 2000 and 2015

storyboard (92 of 254 images and texts) – 92 Chromogenic prints of scanned found objects paired with poetic texts, wood frames, 11x11” each

Gratitude O Superman, O Judge, O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad

“The original listserv performance was a deeply intuitive composition. Conceived as an experiment in stream of consciousness within disciplined constraints –15 minutes a day, reflecting the day, the last task of my day. That the reliquarium would give rise to 15 years of creative output was unknowable at the time. That it would push its way so forward emboldens my belief that the art precedes the artist. I submit to the work. the reliquarium became conditions to promote a channeling. My coincidence of fear, vulnerability and sleep deprivation became central instruments of performance.”

nichola feldman-kiss between here and there: Fragments in Search of a Visual Poetics of Form Robert Enright and nichola feldman-kiss in dialogue 2016

© nichola feldman-kiss 2021