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childish objects, 1966 and 2006 – continuing

the camera eye (aka Witness), 1972, 2006 - in progress

machine object

research about the visual sense, vision anatomy, prosthetic vision and intuition, consciousness and spirituality

nurture, 1975 - 2007

performance photograph, hand knotted wig

teddy bear movie, 1977 - in progress

video animation

Beauty and the Beast (with Max Dean), 2006

performance photograph

childish objects dialogues with visions, actions, fantasies and boredom projects of my formative years. These pieces revisit early childhood moments that reveal the artistic tendencies that foreshadow an artist practice and contextualize the works I would make as a mature artist many years later. The works in childish objects are explicitly drawn form a collection of childhood memories.

As artists we get ideas, many of which are novel and witty but do not have the complexity to challenge our curiosity sufficiently to make it to production. I distinguish my practice as a distillation between ideas and visions: ideas are fleeting – often becoming resolved prior to production; visions take hold as installations in the mind’s eye becoming more concentrated, more meaningful for shear persistence. The actions, reactions, productions and reproductions that make up the body of work I call childish objects took hold of my childhood imagination and have sustained their place in my mind’s eye since forever. The autobiographical works of childish objects include: the public sleeping performance, the camera eye (vision prosthesis), the glue cocoon (video), my first haircut (wig), the scotch tape tea set (craft object) and Antrag auf Eibnürgeruung (an application for German national identity).

nichola feldman-kiss ©2007

the public sleeping performance, 2006 - continuing

public meditation

my grandmother took command from her bed..., 2009

performance video

daddy’s girl (18th birthday gift), 1980 - 2009

performance photograph, baled danish bed

I WILL PROTECT YOU., 1977 and 2009

light box text

Undo. Unravel. Go back, and further back, still. Go home. (Are you my Mother?) for Boty Goodwin 1936 – 2013

performance document, passports

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