the reliquarium archive, 2000 – 2001

email listserv performance and database

254 flatbed scans / 254 texts

the reliquarium screensaver (Windows & Mac Classic)

story board / manuscript

10 x 10 inch Chromogenic digital prints

various inch inkjet prints up to 11 x 17 inches

3.5 x 8 inch post cards


the reliquarium (2000) is a y2k anonymous email performance distribution of text/image pair attachments to a listserv audience.  Objects were found, bought, begged, borrowed, stolen and scanned on my flatbed scanner.  Texts were self authored, found, appropriated, stolen, quoted and contributed by the listserv participants. the reliquarium archive of 254 text/image pairs was created over the course of the year 2000 in correspondence with a participant community of up to 1700 listserv recipients.  While subscribers were accepted by the performance, the project was primarily delivered as unsolicited email (spam) offering recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe. the reliquarium entries are both abstract and capricious, dancing on the boundary of anonymity and intimacy that characterizes electronic communication. The project received a large amount of feedback including image contributions, love letters, insults, critical inquires, subscribe requests, unsubscribe requests and automated mail messages.  I established performance parameters that required I prepare each entry at the end of my day and that each entry reflect the day on which it was made. the reliquarium considered issues of identity including memory, the body, relationships, community, technology and the nature of the project itself.  The email performance was conceived as a process to create a storyboard for a nonlinear yet thematically cohesive narrative. The project database consists of an email log of correspondence with recipients and automated systems, footnotes, source notes; a collection of relics; a collection of texts and the reliquarium archive manuscript of digital print works.

nichola feldman-kiss ©2001



the reliquarium, www.artengine.ca

elounge (the reliquarium screensaver), The World Summit on Arts and Culture, Ottawa, Canada

Acquisitions 2000 (from the reliquarium database), Exhibition Space, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton

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