Localities (the ideal family portrait), The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa


project molly, AxeNéo7, Gatineau, Canada / Artengine

Artists in Residence Symposium (project molly), National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa

Out of Control (project molly), SAW Gallery, Ottawa

Webcast Lounge (project molly), Art Frankfurt, Station Rose, Frankfurt, Germany

project molly was an interactive mobile internet performance of real-time social interactions using a wearable computer with a head mounted camera / mic to transmit live, wireless video. Via internet relay chat interaction, project molly interfaced remote audiences with the incidental in-situ audience.  In 2001, when I performed project molly, wireless video streaming was still a rather crude technology and image refresh rates were slow.  The live video that I created during this performance functioned more like a live slide show than video.  With this performance I created an image database of photographs captured by the head-mounted camera every five to twenty-five seconds as per the image refresh rate of the streaming video. The objective of the project molly performance was to work with internet and in-situ audiences to co-construct a collaborative identity for project molly. During the performance I created a “portrait” of project molly. This performance document became part of a subsequent photo-installation, plastic utopia: the ideal family portrait.

nichola feldman-kiss ©2001


project molly, 2001

mobile internet performance (and website archive)

chromogenic projection print 36 x 72 inches

chromogenic digital prints 11 x 17 inches

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