mean body \ a crowd of oneself, 2001 – 2006

performance document, 3D scans, “rapid cast” bronze

mean body \ classically bound \ 120302 \ 23:11.16, 2006

performance document, 3D scan, hand bound book

childish objects \ nurture (my first haircut), 1975 and 2007

hand knotted wig

childish objects \ daddy’s girl (18th birthday gift), 1980 and 2005

performance document, sculpture

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childish objects \ the camera eye (AKA witness), 1970 and 2006 – in progress

machine object

until the story of the hunt is told by the lion / facing horror and the possibility of shame (Jonglei State, Sudan), 2011-2013

a time-based installation of back light media, forensic photography and sound elements

childish objects \ I WILL PROTECT YOU., 1977 and 2009

illuminated text

mean body \ the chimaera set,  2001 – 2006

3D scans, 3D print

rest \ 29 garments removed from the body (in memory of Thelma Cullingham), 2003 – 2005

pile of clothes

Isomorphic Generative Organ and Flat Cake 1993-1998

bioart, tissue preservation

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